Logistics Supervisor

We are hiring a Logistics Supervisor,

Job Requirements

* Bachelor’s degree in logistics, supply chain management or Industrial Engineering.
* 5-10 Years Experience with construction Companies Logistics.
* Fluent in English
* supervising skills
* Transferable Iqama
* Software Proficiency

Job Duties

  • Developing and maintaining relationships with vendors to ensure they deliver high quality Machinery at competitive prices.
  • Ensuring that all Machineries are delivered on time by following up with suppliers if they are behind schedule
  • Monitoring inventory levels and ordering new supplies as needed to ensure that products are available when needed
  • Managing Logistics employees by providing training in effective work habits and performance techniques
  • Maintaining records of Machinery & maintenance , as well as work orders, invoices, and other documentation related to them
  • Monitoring freight costs and insurance coverage to ensure compliance with company policies
  • Planning routes for delivery trucks to take based on traffic patterns and road conditions
  • Ensuring that all operations within their department are carried out in an efficient manner
  • Overseeing the maintenance of facilities, equipment, vehicles, and machinery used in Logistics
  • Ensuring that all office equipment is working properly
  • Responding to emergency situations.
  • Performing physical inspections of Machinery to identify problems
  • Conducting site visits to evaluate properties for any maintenance issues and ensuring that repairs are made as needed
  • Coordinating with contractors to plan and execute repairs to properties

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